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Cranks Trial PLAY KII ISIS Biketrial 175mm - PLAY KII ISIS high quality cranks set. 1.37
89,00 EUR   VAT included
Brand PLAY title=
Reference PLAY-BIEk2

PLAY KII ISIS high quality cranks set. 1.37"x24 freewheel threat. Big threat area to host the freewheel and ring bashguard, in case to install it. 32 mm of curvature to install HS33 brakes without problems. Finished in black and silver logos. 428 grams of weight.


- New ultralight Play KII ISIS cranks, forged from high quality aluminium.
- Tested and currently used by World Champion Benito Ros.
- Suitable for all ISIS bottom brackets.
- Standard 1.37”x 24tpi thread, suitable for all freewheels and sprockets.
- Wide threaded section (14mm) to be able to run a bashring together with the freewheel/sprocket.
- Huge cutouts at the back of the arms help save a lot of weight without compromising overall strength.
- 30mm offset to provide more enough space to install HS33 brakes type without problems.
- Anodized matt black with silver laser etched Play graphics.
- Weight: 428 grams

Additional information from the manufacturer: Please bear in mind that there must be at least a 7mm thread in contact between freewheel and crank. Furthermore, a 1.37” freewheel/sprocket must be used with a maximum internal diameter of 33.8mm (and not the 1.375” ones). Not following these instructions may damage the thread and lose the warranty.

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