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BIKENBICI Trials Bicycles specialists

BIKENBICI is an online store, located in the city of Barcelona, specialized in the world of Bike Trial, where you can find the best brands of trial bikes such as Comas, Clean, Jitsie, Hope, Magura...

At BIKENBICI you will find the best pre and post-sale service for all kind of bikes and components for your Trial Bicycle. You will also find from the cheapest bikes for initiation in trial for children and adults to the most technical models for competition in all its modalities: 20 inches, 26 inches and Urban Street Trial or Street Trial. We are specialists in Bicitrial bicycle mechanics. Our experience of more than 35 years in this sport gives us a wide background in all types of Trialbici bike models.

Our sporting face is transferred to the BIKENBICI RACING TRIAL, a competition team that helps young riders to develop their sports career. We are very loyal to them and, after many years, we are very proud to say that they are all still on our team.

Call us or send us your query through our form in the online store, email, Social Networks profiles in Instragram and Facebook or Whatsapp. We will be happy to solve all your doubts.

Remember that we are united by the passion for a unique sport developed here, Bike Trial.